Learn about the history, the people and the democratic institutions that sprung from the site of the Ancient Agora of Athens through an interactive adventure to this «magical” site. The DVD-ROM includes a multitude of scientific information, excellent illustrations, interactive games, as well as providing the unique opportunity to tour the exhibition with the same name presented at “Hellenic Cosmos”, the Cultural Centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World and the Virtual Reality programme that is shown at “Tholos”.

More specifically, this production includes:

Illustrated Timetable

An illustrated Timetable, which includes the history of the Ancient Agora incorporated in the history of Athens, from Solon to the raid of the Heruli.

A lot of material

A lot of material regarding the history and excavation of the Ancient Agora and a few words about the museological approach and the objectives of the exhibition.

Electronic Catalogue

The DVD-ROM includes an electronic catalogue of the exhibition with a lot of useful information (in Acrobat Reader format), as well as a full list of links to web pages relevant to the Ancient Agora.

Interactive panoramic tour

Interactive panoramic tour (QTVR) of the exhibition that has been presented at the Cultural Centre “Hellenic Cosmos” since 2006. The exhibition demonstrates the multidimensional character of the Agora, which constituted a place where new ideas were born, new philosophical schools emerged, where intellectual and spiritual life flourished and artistic creation thrived. Visitors can view all the exhibits of the exhibition, printed, natural-haptic, digital-audiovisual and interactive ones, with full functionality.

Virtual reality video (VR)

Virtual reality video at the site of the Ancient Agora, where the user has the opportunity to travel back through time and find himself in the Classical Period (approximately in 400 BC), with the help of a Panathenaic amphora. In the Classical Athens emphasis is given to the importance of public administrative buildings and the existence of an outdoors area for gatherings and athletic activities. This tour is a high definition extract from the production “Interactive Tour at the Ancient Agora”, which is shown at “Tholos” of Hellenic Cosmos.

Educational game

An educational game with the objective to “complete” the site of the Agora in the Roman Period. Our little friends can read information about the most important buildings of the Agora and play entertaining and educational games (anagrammatism, puzzle, questions and answers etc), in order to make all the buildings of the Agora during its heyday appear one after the other... on its present-day ground plan!


The DVD-ROM functions complementary with the exhibition “Meeting at the Ancient Agora”, which is presented at Hellenic Cosmos, with the production “Interactive Tour at the Ancient Agora”, which is shown at “Tholos” and with the album “Agora of Athens. A journey in Four Dimensions”, which is available at the Museum Shop of Hellenic Cosmos.

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The CD-ROM is on sale at the Museum Shop, in the Cultural Centre Hellenic Cosmos of FHW, at specialized bookshops and electronic and multimedia shops. For further information contact the Museum Shop of the Hellenic Cosmos, tel.: (+30) 212 254 0000 (ext. 2010) or write at

The DVD-ROM is no longer available.

Minimum system requirements

Apple Mac: Any
Windows: Processor Intel Pentium III
Operating system Windows /XP or earlier
Memory RAM 512 MB
Screen resolution1024x768